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Thread: Max distance to shoot from sticks?

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    Max distance to shoot from sticks?

    I shot a fox at about 200 yards off a set of home made sticks at the second attempt last night. After the first shot it ran 25 yards further up the hedgeline as if it was not too sure which way to go and then stopped.
    This was the second one I shot, they had been around the farm scrounging the cut grass piled up for sileage and they had seen me and not scarpered that quickly which made me wonder if they were urban released ones, another one was squashed on the road about two miles away.

    What to folk reckon is the maximum distance to shoot off sticks.

    I carry my sticks with me most times and use them, for deer the max distance I have shot them at is probably 125 yards, certainly shot a fox using sticks at that distance.
    Is there any rule if thumb or is it what you are confident with.

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    I've shot deer, foxes and hares etc out at those ranges and slightly further, i would say on the odd occasion in the right conditions its ok however i much preffer to get as close as possible within 100 yards as you need more skill to get close to your prey !!!

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    Hi you should shoot to your own capabilities. The ethics of any shot is down to the man behind the gun.

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    Don't you think you should have practiced out to that range before taking a shot at something live?
    and then you would have your own personal distance from your sticks. and would not need to ask this question.

    everyone is different. and will have different levels of ability.


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    If I am steady and the cross hairs I circulating nicely in the kill area I squeeze the trigger, and all is well. If not, stalk closer, get a better position, or leave the animal in peace for another day. Range, that varies with conditions and my sleep patterns!

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