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Thread: AR15 / SA80 30rnd mags

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    AR15 / SA80 30rnd mags

    hi all, trying to clear out a bit and have a few RG and HK magazines for sa80's that fit ar15's 8 posted for RG's and 12 for HK's

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    I will have one of the RGs for a project, can collect if that helps.



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    Thanks for the Mag’s Paul nice to meet you. It looks like the 30 round mag’s will be ideal for my Zombie culling rifle.



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    cheers mate, it was great to meet you and have a laugh. For all you anti zombie suppies you know where to come in future

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    hi, I will take the HK's....
    how many you have?


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    Hi, do you have any of the RG left id love one if you do. thanks

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