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Thread: Sako l461 or A1 shot out action for project

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    Sako l461 or A1 shot out action for project

    Cash waiting for right example

    Thanks for looking
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    7x64 on guntrader for 300

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    sako a11 in the gun shop in rugby 243 the bolt just been serviced and the trigger , alas barrel shot out i owned the rifle but got rid rather than re-barrel this one other wise rifle was sound

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    7x64 is a long action calibre.
    A Sako A2 is a medium action.
    Both have a boltface of .473".
    The original poster clearly wants a short action rifle with a .378" bolt face, as that is the boltface of Sako A1 and L461 actions, with the exception of a few made for the PPC cartridges. I fail to see the point of your replies. If you don't understand what the guy wants, why confuse the issue?
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    I'm glad your taking the ....!

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    now sorted

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    Well done. What have you found and who's building what on it for you?

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