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Thread: Shogun Tyres

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    Shogun Tyres

    Hi Lads (and lasses)
    i'm in the market for some new 245/70R16 tyres for a shogun sport. main use is on road and i only do about 5k a year in this vehicle. I want to be able to get off road with out getting stuck but dont want to spend my time on oposite lock every time it rains and i go around an island. Anyone have experience of the Premier AT2 or the General Grabber ST? or can recommend something else. Ideally i'd like to keep it under 100 a corner.


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    Have at look at Cooper Tyres mate discoverer or the st, there's one thats more off road think it's the sst or something -

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    Can recommend the General Grabbers AP2 I think they are called it's the A/T ones you want,. or Yokohama A/T.

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    I had Yokohama geolander 11s on mine they are great both off road and on


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    General Grabber AT2s give very good milage and decent on and off road performance, shop around and you should be able to get them at just under the 100 cost me 98 a tyre couple of months ago that was for two would have got a better discount if I had been buying a full set.

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    Got Grabber AT2s on my Disco, done around 85k on them so far with about another 30 to go. Excellent on road as well, done around the ton with them on and no probs at all.


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    I cannae see how any tyres would do 85k but i may be wrong. My BFG which are supposidly better than GG have done 55k and are knackered. They have done everything from motorway to mud plugging and towing 3 ton trailers.

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    A 2 ton Sport towing a 3 ton load ........

    All apples and pears...

    Wear is wear.


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    I dont have a Shogun Sport, but a 3.0 Hilux instead. It weighs bout 2 tons and i tow 2.5-3 tons regular.

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    In that case you might have been better off with AT's rather than BFG....

    All down to user experience....

    Me, I'm on Wrangler's


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