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Thread: help with a 243 variation

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    help with a 243 variation

    Hi Guys,
    I've read similar posts on here over the since i joined a week or so ago, but I was just wondering if there was anyone out there who could help out?
    my shooting buddy & I both have variations in for 243's at the moment, unfortunately it's with dyfed powys police! they seem to be very stringent regarding granting licences for 243's! we've both had licences for over 7yrs now, moved slowly up the calibres from 17hmr to our current centrefires. however they are insisting that we must have land available to us which containes deer!
    i'll be honest the main reason that i personally want a 243 is for fox control! and maybe go stalking once or twice a year...but finding such land around here is proving to be rather tricky! it could just be that we're just not in the know yet but the f/d are pressing me to produce something...
    we've spoken to BASC & they've pointed out that it is really a fox calibre & there should be no reason for them to refuse us the varitions but dyfed powys just won't wear it!

    does anyone have a solution?

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    Buy some stalking, send receipt to police.

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    I was in exactly the same position last year,booked some stalking and got a covering letter from the stalker,sent it in and bingo .243 no problem

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    When i wanted a 30-06 for shooting wild bore i told them i intended to buy some paid days got it no problem


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    no requirement to have deer on the land.
    just email the BASC about Arran and present the email as proof of intent to book.
    you dont even need to go!

    243 is easily a fox and deer round.
    mine is on my FAC as 1C (deer and fox) no reason why you should need to specify deer only

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    I wish you all the best with your variation, mines been going on since the first week in Jan but I can see a faint glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel which is all due to the sustained help from Sikamalc who has had to put up with a lot of hassle from my firearms admin, I've got a stalk booked with Malc in the middle of June which means that if my cert comes back next week, which I doubt, follow up secutity inspection from FEO etc, it will mean I shall only have a couple of days to pick up rifle and mod scope etc and get it zeroed ready for the 18th, I think somehow that I'll be borrowing one of Malc's rifles this time round, so all the best with your application.

    So it's a big thanks to Sikamalc and his patience also to 223, Dave, for his help as well.....callie

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    I was granted .243 by Dyfed Powys initially after doing the DSC1 and joining a deer stalking club which provided the written permission. Ironically, I'm currently filling in my FAC renewal forms and I'm no longer a member of this club. Although I have plenty of local permissions for fox control, none of this land contains deer. Dyfed-Powys insist on using their locally produced land permissions form which is completed by the landowner/agent and that land must contain the quarry species for which you need the specific calibre. There is a risk otherwise of losing the deer condition or being told I don't need a .243 for foxes. I intend booking an outing and asking the agent to complete my land permission form, I'll let you know how I get on....

    Anyone provide me with a stalking opportunity in the next couple of weeks in the mid-wales, shrops, herefordshire border regions who would also sign a piece of paper permitting me to shoot deer on their land?? Please send PM thanks

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    To the OP - why the pussyfooting around with trying to satisfy the FLD that you have 'good reason' for deer if you either don't actually have it or do not require it?

    The .243 is specifically mentioned in the HO Guidance as being a suitable cartridge for fox - both in the body of Chapter 13 and the chart at the end. If the FEO doesn't agree then ask for their reasons in writing - then go back to BASC, or join an organisation more interested in your problem.

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