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Thread: Pheasant syndicate.

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    Pheasant syndicate.

    Hi, we have space for a full gun in the best wee syndicate in Central Scotland, here are the details.
    1800 poults to wood
    2 guest days
    1200 per annum + 20 a day towards beaters costs
    Working dog required
    BASC insurance will be required through the syndicate block
    Deer stalking after 2 years membership DSC1 required
    Stand one, walk one
    Previous syndicate experience a bonus
    Work parties fortnightly
    1 feed duty during the rearing season and a little winter/spring feeding
    Lunch hut with full facilities
    Prefer 20 mile radius of Stirling
    PM for contact.
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    how many guns are in the syndicate? also how many days do you have and also expected bag?

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    8 Full guns and 6 half guns, 8 driven days, 2 outside days, 1 beaters day.. Full guns get 2 guest days and half guns get one guest day but they invite other half guns which gives them 5 days each... last year was spoiled by weather but 80-100 was achieved regularly prior to 2009 and 2010 which was hard going but it was for most shoots.

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    One full gun available...

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    Alex, not looking for a place, got plenty shooting but would just like to say thats a good deal you are offering driven days at
    OK stand one walk one for walked up prices
    Woud I by right in thinking that ground is where the well known dairy farm is, or nearer Stirling Mr. Youngers.

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    Hi Boggie... No, we were offered Mr Y's for a good price but it is way beyond our capabilities of making it a driven shoot once more.. we are very close though and feel we could not take his land on...

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    Please no more folks that want a jolly... showed 4 chaps around and one never returned my calls and we now have 2 full places.... I pay 1.40 a litre to toddle around the estate.. It is driven pheasant for walked up money,

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    We have ordered our birds and pellet and are now open to offers, even from Gazza!!

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    way too expensive

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    In what department...

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