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Thread: SHR 970 Magazine

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    SHR 970 Magazine

    I have a brand new SHR 970 Magazine for sale.

    These are a rare as hens teeth so read on.

    This is in 7mm Rem mag/300 Win mag but with a bit of fettling could be made to work in most calibres.

    The outer case is made of metal and is identical in all calibres. It is just the internal follower that differs in long actions. The short actions also have a metal spacer to compensate for the case length.

    I kept as a spare for my 308 and was going to modify when the need arose. Better than buying a new gun if you lose the magazine.

    Not looking for fortunes as I wish I had kept my SHR and have soft spot for them. Best VFM rifle I have ever owned.

    Must be worth 20 plus postage.

    PM me if interested.
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