HI Guys,

Ive finally invested in a Bushnell XLT cam, ive been looking for ages and then on a moment of impulse, bought the bushnell for 200 posted.

After speaking to a few people about what you look for in a cam, i opted for this. The main points are that you dont need a super quality pic, just something which shows you the deer/poacher/fox etc. You dont need to take millions of shots of the same thing, so ideally you want to be able to program the cam (think this is standard on most..)

Anyways, i had a play with the sensitivity in the back garden and found that on high, it was detecting a leaf blowing around all night so i had 140 pictures of the same thing! After i had sussed out what settings i wanted, i planted the cam on some of my ground for 24hrs as a test. Nothing interesting really but pics are included.

In the dark dark pic, i can see they eyes of something, which from the other pics looks to be about the height of the crop (i think its stood this side of the crop) but i cant tell whether its a fox, hare or rabbit. My thoughts are fox because i know theres one around there and also i have only got one shot of it showing that it moved through fairly schnell.. I would put the range of it at about 15m, which is said to be the limit of the sensor.

Hope this helps, its a tiny cam with a viewing screen and easy to use. I cant say any more as ive only had it a few days.