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    What do you think...............

    What do you think of this? Or has this been done before?
    Take the front end of a small Roe or Muntjac, saddle included. Bone the whole lot out, keeping it all in one piece. Cover the lot with a layer of apple and herb stuffing plus extra herbs, a few crushed Juniper berries (or whatever would take your fancy) and roll and tie into a nice big joint.
    Possibly tie on a few Bay leaves.
    I can`t see why this couldn`t be spit roasted or done in the oven and served up in French bread sticks or baps.
    Opinions please.
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    I often do similar, but in two halves. If you keep the neck/shoulder fillet from one side attatched to the shoulder and carefully remove all the breast/flank off the ribs, again all in one piece and still attached to the shoulder. Then carefully bone out the shoulder from the inside so that you still have one large pile of meat with no bone in it! Starting at the neck fillet piece, you should find you can roll the whole lot up inside the thinner breast/flank meat and tie it in a long roasting joint with butchers string. You can get a small amount of stuffing in or just rub with olive oil & herbs. Also, try covering with a layer of smoked streaky bacon before tying.
    Not the best cut of meat, but makes use of the front end all in one hit!
    Oh, a top tip for removing it from the actual shoulder blade....
    Slice under the meat along the bone on both sides until you hit the raised middle bit. Then physically tear the meat off that sticky up middle bit and you will find that it all stays in one piece!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey Spanker View Post
    that sticky up middle bit
    Is that a teknical term?

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    Just found this on Youtoooob!

    I've got no sound on my PC at present but what he does looks pretty good and similar to what I do - mine's obviously much better as it is venison!
    I also notice he cut around the 'sticky up middle bit' which is easy on lamb, but doesnt tend to work on small deer.

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