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Thread: Hello from south lanarkshire

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    Hello from south lanarkshire

    Found this site while browsing the web on a wet and windy day, looks good ,will post again soon

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    Hi dave welcome to site.lots of good people on here,help u out when you need it.learn things all the time.whereabouts are you im ek mate

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    Hello from North Lanarkshire Dave , hope you enjoy the forum

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    South Lanarkshire as well

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    hi davy, nice to now there are more people from lanarkshire and not just me,will help out if you need it .

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    Thanks to everyone for the friendly welcome to the site , ek here as well Taln. I put some information about myself on my profile. Hopefully i can learn some new things , and impart some knowledge.

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    Hi Davymc- hope you have thick skin for all the ribbing that goes on, on here! As well as the great info and knowledge provided.


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