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Thread: skull preperation

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    skull preperation

    hi i arrived home monday with my first buck i have only stalked roe does up to now very exited about preparing and mounting head i have boiled and removed meat triad peroxide cream but skull is still brown have what have i done wrong cheers

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    i seem to be doing somthing wrong my last thread was moved can someone explain

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    Hi toad,

    You posted this in the intro section, so I moved it to Trophy Preparation.

    Regarding your question, could the brown bits be left over bits of gristle/fat? Perhaps a bit of extra boiling in some washing soda and a good scrape/scrub before peroxide again?


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    ok cheers mate i am sure i will get the hang of the site . i have used a 12% peroxide cream how long would you leave before rubbing off

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    Hi Toad Reboil for about five mins if you have washing soda or dish washer powder two tea spoons should be about right then scrape the scull clean again making sure you get all the meat off. Then wash under tap and scrub with nail brush or tooth brush adding a little washing powder rinse a shake dry. paint your peroxcide cream on while the scull is still damp leave for about four hours and wash it off and leave in the sun to dry. I think this should sort your problem out !!!
    Best regards... Dave

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    Toad, just keep practicing the hardest bit is removing fur eyes meat the more you get of the better. Boil 1/2 hour straight away in soapy water. When I pressure wash there's hardly anything left on skull , then brush on hydrogen peroxide while head is still wet.Click image for larger version. 

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    cheers guys for those tips its looking a lot better now back to scotland in june lets hope thers another one coming back to wales

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