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Thread: 22-250 loads for roe deer (in scotland)

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    22-250 loads for roe deer (in scotland)

    After a nightmare box of factory bullets which left my target resembling a colander i have decided to try loading my own loads for roe deer for better accuracy.

    I will be loading for my 22-250 as i live in Scotland and would like to know what bullet heads and loads people use for this species that will not leave the carcass damaged and looking like a pound of mince!

    Further, i am looking to buy a lee anniversary kit as this seems to get the thumbs up from people as a good beginners kit and also for some reloading manuals so if anyone has one to sell send me a pm and we can sort something out.



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    WE have been around this before,

    The only proper game bullets for 55gn 22 centrefires are from sierra and are called game kings.

    There may be others, but some folk get upity about shooting a roe with a "varmint" round like a speer softy or a nosler BT. The BT is messy if you are not neck shooting.

    i use Nosler BT under 35.5 grains N140 and remmy mag primers for foxy and it is very effective and accurate. H380 is also a great powder for the gun with a magnum primer.

    If your rifle is a remington BDL or similar you need more help than homeloads .

    PM me and i will provide links and explain how i got mine accurate, (after 18 months)

    Lee kit is very forgiving and as good as next. so thumbs up there.

    i use a calibre specific book from ebay that cost less than a tenner. i will find a link and post it.

    Good luck

    PS found the web-site for single calibre loadbooks, these are tops, every powder and bullet combo from all the manufacturers manuals

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    Barnes 53 grain TSX or GS custom HV 40 grain driven as fast as you can. I actually used the coated XLC bullets but they are no longer available. Should penetrate well and not damage excess meat. Second choice would be Nosler partition 60g or a . Both are pricey but the bullets will cost less than the meat you waste.
    Barnes available from York guns, GS custom from sloans of invererie and nosler from anyone.

    Hope this helps


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    Hi srvet,

    I'm sure you are aware of the points I'm about to make but some out there may not. I don't want to teach anyone's granny to suck eggs.

    Barnes 45 grain and 53 grain will not stabilise in a standard 22-250 barrel as this has a 1:14" twist, this is stated in their latest reloading manual(no. 4), they reccommend a 1:12" twist.

    Before Barnes no 4 was published I spoke to GS Custom bullets on the phone from the UK (using telestunt website for cheap rates) and they advised me that they do not make a larger bullet for the 22-250 as although some of the heavier bullets may stabalise some will not. They strive to produce an excellent product and will not sell a product that will give inconsistent results. They are pleasant and helpful people to talk to and will answer queries by email or telephone.

    The Barnes and GS Custom bullets are made of copper, which, volume for volume, is lighter than lead bullet or a copper jacketed lead bullet. This means that a copper bullet has to be longer than a lead bullet of the same weight. This is where the twist rate comes in ,as, to stabilise a longer projectile, you have to spin it faster.

    Lastly small typo, (I'm not free from them myself!) Sloans shop is in Inverurie, not being pedantic but makes it easier to find and as I work in Inverurie and shop in Sloans , they might give me a massive discount on my next purchase for pointing this out!!! lol.


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    Many Sika have been shot in Ireland with 55gr v-maxes, results where apparantly very good. I am just loading my 22-250 for short range deer.
    Even with 1in14 twist the 60gr Hornady soft points shoot around 3/4" with 35gr Varget. Haven't shot a deer with them yet. I've shot several foxes with 55gr Nosler BT's which I think are much harder or less explosive than a-maxes, v-maxes, Nos custom HP, or Fed 55gr SP. They always made it through a fox with less mess than the others mentioned. They will be my back up bullet for the 22-250.
    I guess it's important to avoid the shoulder with the little 22.

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    oops my powder was wrong, 35.5 grains of N140, sorry, (25.5 for .223 got mixed up)

    Anyway yer man is looking for loads for ROE DEER.

    How a 40 grain load fits that bill is beyond me.

    Dont want to be pedantic but if you are going to give advice give LEGAL advice.

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    Hi Bob

    Noone told my rifle the bullets wouldnt work (53g barnes) and they kept flying through the same (well almost the same) hole!! I guess I was lucky.

    Do you use the monometals in other calibers and if so how do you find them in terms of meat damage and knock down effect.

    Have been looking at using them in a 7mm RM and .308



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    Hi srvet,

    Either you'r just lucky with your Barnes or you have a fast twist rifle. I haven't tried them as I spoke to GS first then got the Barnes manual. Point GS made was that most would be ok but if you got one that keyholed or tumbled then you would get a lot of meat damage. I may give them a try now based on your success!

    One of GS selling points on their site is the lack of meat damage. Their website shows a lot of photos showing minimal meat damage. I would support this as I now shoot my roe with 130 grain HV .308 bullets and there is excellent knock down with minimal meat damage if hit in the right place. My rifle also groups better with them than lead based bullets I have used.

    I hope to be trying them on reds next week and if sucessful will let you know the results re meat damage.

    As I see it the difference between Barnes and GS is that, at normal ranges, Barnes are designed to form a cross with the cutting petals and fully penetrate the animal on a broadside shot whereas GS will open and lose the petals almost immediatly on impact and then act as a sharp edged cylinder solid and fully penetrate the animal on a broad side shot. This latter action, according to some experts, (on the GS website-see useful info), provides a much bigger temporary wound cavity than softer rounds which although expand more have a smaller wound cavity. At long ranges GS will peform like Barnes, possibly the GS bullets have thinner & more easily opened petals.

    A topic which no doubt could promote a lot of discussion. To avoid this as much as possible let me sayI am not a ballastics expert, I do not have the equipment, time, money or inclination to test lots of different loadings in ballastic gel and carry out the necessary measurements. I just read what the 'experts' say and make my own decision and then see what results I get.

    Last para sounds a bit harsh. Not meant to be but I don't fancy lots of flack or several pages of discussion as per .243/6.5x55 when, if the bullet & load does the job, its really a matter of personal choice about what you believe.

    Best regards


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    barnes bullets

    Hi i have been reading this thread and it appears some of you guys are using Barnes Bullets. I have just purchased some MPG Multi-purpose Green, in 55gr for my 22-250. can anybody give me info on using Varget powder to load these or should i change to something else.

    Thanks Billy T

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