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Thread: SWAZI TAHR on ebay

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    SWAZI TAHR on ebay

    im selling this on ebay again as last time the winner vanished!
    as new, great jacket.
    happy bidding or contact me on here and i will remove it.

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    bump bump
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    I followed that jacket the last time you listed it and it sold for 30 more than it was new and now you have re-listed it...
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    Leaving me with the hassel of reclaiming 30 worth of sellers fees, yes it fetched a good price all be it a big joke on my account, cheers for the compassion. And accusations, if this was twitter I could have you for slander sonny boy,
    These coats are very hard to get now this was a present but doesn't fit me, you looking for a new jacket like?
    Please remove your comments or I will ask the mods to do it, the stalking community is supposed to be friendly one at least I thought. And coming from a fellow scots man, shame on you. Now then anyone like a lovely jacket?

    Also the winner was from a made up address in Leicester , mobile number was some random woman's however I have tracked his ip address so now know his usual eBay name.
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    Good luck with your sale but a fiver saving won't tempt many on here.

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