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    big cat

    hi,i am a plant operator.i've been shooting for about 10 years.i shoot shotgun and rifle's,i shoot roe when i get the chance,lamp foxes and shoot woodies when they're on the current guns are my shotgun,22 rimmy, 17hmr and my 243 which i got about 6 month ago to replace my 223 so as to get some red deer stalking if i get the chance,thanks big cat

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    Hi Big cat , hope you enjoy the forum , I am new on here myself but can already testify to some very helpful people with lots of knowledge

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    Hi welcome to a great site!!


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    thanks for reply to me joining the forum,hope to hear from you again.will be looking into going for dsc1 qual after coming back from holidays if wife doesn't spend all ma money

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    thanks for the welcome,hope to get to talk to people who can point me in right direction about going for my dsc1 qual as have being putting it off for ages,ta again
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