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Thread: post a pic of your heym

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    post a pic of your heym

    Right im on the verge of buying one of these but not sure which one ,so if you have one please post a pic to help me decide

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    so what your telling me is 89 views but no one has got a heym or cant be botherd posting a pic.
    The 89 viewers must have been hoping to see a pic to so its not just me?
    maybe they are not very popular then

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    Hi Chris,

    I don`t think it`s anything to do woth people not being bothered, i reckon you have hit the nail on the head with them not being too popular.

    In all the years i have been shooting i have only ever known 1 person who had a heym, a cracking gun it was too and i could have been very interested in getting one, but i think people go for the more common rifles which are more accessable to buy E.G. Tikka, Blaser, Mannlicher etc. etc.

    Hope this helps.

    Don`t let this put you off posting.



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    Rugers as well Wadas! Don't forget us cheapskates! Although I'm the only Hawkeye owner I know

    I could have bought a Heym, but decided on the Ruger instead - I'm going to buy a Ferrari with the change.

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    Buy the best and buy it once.
    I got 3.
    458 safari model.
    30-06 SR30.(believed to be first one sold in U.K.)
    22-250.SR.30. When Heym said they weren`t building 22-250 SR30 I got Callum Ferguson to barrel a SR30 action,with a Schillin barrel.Then Heym brought out their SR30 in 22-250, which makes no odds to me as I think mines better looking and it is def unique !
    I did have a 243 SR.30 too but I got rid of it as I never used it when I got the 30-06.
    When I used to take clients out in the U.K, they all were a bit sceptical of the action, but they all agreed,after they had used it,that they are beautiful rifles and easy to use.
    The Heym action is quieter and quicker than the Blaser, and they aren`t made of plastic.
    All are extremeley accurate straight out of the box(more accurate than I will ever be), with the right ammo easily 1/4 at 100 m.
    The finish on the are perfect, (thats before I got my hands on them and dragged them all round the world ) good wood, and the machining is as good as anything you can get.
    As a run of the mill (ok up the top end of the mill )production rifle, I think they are the best.
    And if you think they are dear in the U.K, you should see the prices of them over here
    I was offered 3 times what I paid for my 458 in the U.K 10 yrs ago., but I wont sell it as the way Samuel is growing he will grow into it soon (he`s 9 mnths old now )

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    Posted this pic before. Heym falling block. Bought in 1978. Had a lot of fun with it . Now needs rebarreling.

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    Chris,Don't procrastinate any longer,go and buy that Heym. Agree with all John dm states.
    I have a .308 SR30 straight pull. At risk of upsetting some members,knocks the spots off a Blaser
    Sorry I haven't a pic to post at the moment.

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    yeah i know i should buy it really its the nicest rifle ive held,the one ive seen is 1200,which is worth it i know but more than i thought i would spend.Another shop is gonna ring me with a price as they said they would beat any price i found.
    I may well wait tillthe midland gamefair and see if i can find a secondhand one.the Heyms are hard to find you know,thers a nice one on guntrader but not in 6.5x55.thanks for the pics they are making me drool.

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    chris if your going for a Heym give Reeves a call on 01296 748741, he's a nice guy and has a fair few Heyms in his gunroom he will also haggle.

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