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Thread: Which rifle? Do I buy?

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    Lightbulb Which rifle? Do I buy?

    Been to look at a couple of rifles today, at my local rfd,
    He didn't have much in only four .243s.

    Anyway he had a couple I was interested but un decided on which one.

    First one was a Remington 770, brand new with bushnell scope priced at 515

    Second one was a browning a bolt brand new with bushnell scope and 2 mags priced at 660.

    Both rifle felt ok to me, triggers were the usual standard triggers, but I'm undecided which one, so guys give me you opinions

    Thanks in advance


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    Visit more RFD


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    Have a look on guntrader, there are lots of .243's on there, will only cost around 25 to be sent to your local rfd.


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    Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Remington 770..

    Run very far away from this piece of rubbish.. far away as fast as you can. It's a throw away rifle with very cheap plastic bits glued to it.

    As our American friends often say ................... I would not even use one as a Tomato stake.

    The advice to look further is very good but do avoid the Remington 770 and the forerunner of it the 710 as theya re real crap.

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    Wait at least one week.



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    Quote Originally Posted by smullery View Post

    Visit more RFD

    This is true.

    Would not take the Remington home if they were giving them away.

    The Browning is not bad, but too expensive.

    You have an FAC in one hand and cash in another?

    Take a day trip to a bigger RFD some where and get yourself a deal.

    I would normally always advise a good SH Sako or Tikka, but these are getting harder to come by.

    Take a week to look about, get Gunmart or whatever and take yourself out for a drive next weekend. I would rather drive a couple of hundred miles and get what I want rather than taking what a local guy has to offer.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    A remington 700 in stainless is quite a nice rifle but I wouldn't want the cheaper remmy.
    As mentioned by others, take your time to choose. If you don't know much about not buy second hand, there is a lot of trash out there.
    Tikkas and sakos are quite useable out the box, Howa have a better action design let down by really bad plastic stocks (the walnut or laminate are useable), Remington 700 has the same stock problem.
    As time goes on you might want to alter you rifle to suit your hunting needs, Remington 700, Tikka T3 and Howa 1500 have good aftermarket bits available.
    Of the lot, maybe a Tikka T3 would be the best compromise to start with.

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    Sound advice....wait a while, look through Guntrader & UK Gunrooms sites & go to a bigger dealer. Remington & Sako are pretty heavy rifles. Don't know about Tikka & A bolt. Do know a friend with an A bolt & he's happy with it & had it for years..I've never fired it.

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    +1 Get out and about Andy there are plenty to choose from, you'll find yourself a decent deal if your willing to look.

    Remember it's your money, your calling the shots and don't be hurried into anything.

    All The Best, Buck.

    PS. Tikka gets my vote, but thats my opinion.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    have you looked at steyer mannlicher's? i had one in 223 fantastic rifle in my opinion!

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