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Thread: Hunting in Ireland DVD

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    Hunting in Ireland DVD

    About three weeks ago I ordered, over the phone, a DVD about hunting Sika in Ireland. The DVD had either been advertised in some magazine or had been a flyer in a magazine which I cannot remember. Anyway the chap at the other end of the phone said that the DVD would be about two weeks in delivery. I have not seen or heard from him and I wondered if anyone else had ordered and received the same DVD and, if so, do you have a contact phone number so that I can chase up my order.


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    Was it this one: if so, has the contact details on the web page.

    I'd seen it but not ordered it, so would be interested to hear any reviews.


    P.S. also found this link ( with a different number.
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    Red Deer Hunting in Ireland as mentioned in the link is available from interesting DVD because of different methods and entertaining because of david dunnes commentary

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    Thanks very much for the feedback gentlemen but I could have sworn it was hunting Sika rather than red deer and having shot a few Sika in Co Wicklow over the past few years that's what captured my interest.
    Just have to wait and see now.

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