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Thread: Saturday evening

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    Saturday evening

    .............saw me at a place where i do the foxing to protect free range chickens .Ive been here quite a bit recenty trying to outfox charlie that nipping in to take a few chickens in daylight .Cubs nearby so they will be dealt with in due course.I also have the stalking here and ive been seeing a buck in the top field whilst sat for a fox on a few occasions now .I tried to put Martin on him a while back but the weather turned cold and windy that evening and he never played ball .Well this evening in question ,he was out again in the long mowing grass and i decided to try for him .The wind was a bit swirly so i just had to rely on stealth .Stalked up around the hedge to my right that provided a good back screen, i got to within 160 yds .Knelt to assess the situation.There are very well bred horses over the boundary ,the type that make phone numbers at sale so i had to find a way of getting bewteen the buck and copse he lives in .Luckly he fed out a bit more and into a dip and out of sight allowing me to press forward although the wind was dodgey to say the least and i fully expected to see him bolt for the trees .Got up around with no sign of the quarry so a very slow walk along the tree line was in order.Glimpsed the buck ,an old fellow by the looks of the white antler,and could see he was making his way to the trees but not in a hurry .he didnt know i was there but that sixth sence told him all was not well .Anyway he made the fatal age old roe mistake of pausing on the edge of the trees to have one last look about and that was his last .Shot him off sticks through the heart at about 70 yds .He showed no signs of a hit though and walked into the trees ,something ive only ever seen once before .At the spot i could see a large spray of blood and following that i found him about 20 yds in the copse stone dead and with no heart left to speak of when gralloched .

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    Nice one Tim, don't you just love it when they stop & look back!
    Good 6 pointer as well.


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    Nice buck, well done!

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    well done

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