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    I don't know if any of you are interested the Countryside Aliance are doing a secial deal, you can join for 20 a part of a group and gets you full insurance cover, minimum number of 7 is required it goes up to 40 next year but there is no obligation to carry it on.
    Sounds a sweet deal anyone interested?

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    No thanks but only by reason that I am already a life member of both BASC and BDS. No doubt there are other benefits than insurance but feel these could be duplicated as well. Hope you get a group together.


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    Hi legaleagle
    Seems ok to me, I will be interested if you get some more count me in. Countryside Aliance every time I have visited there stands at fairs look ok but then on face value they all do its when you get deeper.


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    Well as I said it seems a good deal and these are good people always talk to you at the stand and don't bugger off the other way and huddle into groups of plummy voiced upper class twits like others I won't mention

    I will check on the cover as the guy gave me his no. and see exactly whats included as a few others have expressed an interest

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