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    Has anyone got one in use for deer/

    Just looking at options.



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    I have one and use 140 grain Hornady interlocks and SST's in it. Accurate, flat shooting and very good terminal peformance. I'd be wary of using lighter bullets though, tendancy to too much velocity at close range. You could load it down I suppose but then you'd be better off with a 6.5x55 or a .260rem.

    I am very happy with it and prefer it to the .270 I used to have. That said, in practical terms there's very little to choose (really nothing) between it and a .270 ... if you're prepared to work at your reloads. Oh, and those fatter cases... mean one round less in the mag... on my old Sako.

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    Use it as my main calibre for all the deer I shoot.

    As said its like a super accurate .270

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    I should have said above:

    I've used it to very good effect on Roe, Sika, Red, Crow, Fox, Goats, Sheep, Pigs and Coos... a very satisfactory all purpose calibre.

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    awsome cartridge for a stalking rifle used worldwide as a long range target round ,barrels dont last long though 1200 -1500 rounds

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    very accurate round, but a barrel burner as above.

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    Having one built by Mike Norris. Hopefully nearly finished. Spec was BAT repeater action, Jewel Trigger, PTG stainless floor plate, Kreiger Varmint Contour fluted barrel, and McMillan Remington Hunter stock
    So the components are certainly there, and if Mike does his magic stuff it should shoot!!
    Previously always used a 6.5x55 but just fancied a change.


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