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Thread: Stalking Directory /H4H Shoot 2011

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    Exclamation Stalking Directory /H4H Shoot 2011

    Stalking Directory /H4H Shoot 2011

    Come on guys Iíve sent out numerous information packs about the shoot at Monmouth on the 19th June but have had very few confirmed entries or deposits yet and to date I have had no requests for tickets to the prize draw which will be held on the same day. Iím beginning to think that Iíve done something wrong or that you canít read the information sent out for some reason.

    Iíve got a lot of things to sort out or arrange so please donít leave it to the last minute to submit your entries, itís less than a month away now.

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    Whats going on here? This was a fantastic day last year! Is there something else clashing with the date? I can't believe Mike hasn't been inundated with bookings. Ah well the charity's loss will be the shooters gain, there won't be any waiting for a turn to shoot.
    Very sad if this event doesn't exceed last years great turn out.


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    Come on guys. it was a great day last year. A good laugh with like minded people. OH yes and you raise cash for guys and gals less fortunate than ourselves.

    Hope it all goes well Mike


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    8x57 PM sent

    For everyone else here's the link:-
    2011 Stalking Directory / H4H Shoot Prize Draw.

    C'mon guys, get your plastic out.

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    Cannot get to Monmouth unfortunately as in France on holiday but pm sent re prize draw

    Life should be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving skidding in sideways, Merlot in one hand, Cigar in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming WOO HOO what a ride!

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    Thanks Chris and Downwind, I've responded to your private messages.

    Come on the rest of you guys who were enthusiastic initially lets be having your entries in - after all it takes a little bit of sorting and we can't leave it to the last moment.

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    Yes, come on people! This was a fantastic event last year, very well run, great fun and of course produced an excellent result for a very good cause.

    Obviously Mike needs to know numbers as soon as possible so if you requested entry details please at least let Mike know your intentions and to everyone, if you want a great day out get those entries in ASAP!


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    I shall be going down on the Saturday to get in some much needed practice. Camping over Saturday night at Mikes prefered camp site then shooting Sunday. Leaving Uxbridge (West London), on Saturday with one spare seat in the car. Anyone wanting a ride there and back, or a place around my fire on Saturday night would be most welcome.


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    I will be stalking on the 18th so no chance of getting to Monmouth. Isn't the 19th Fathers Day?

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    Yes, which is exactly why we who are fathers should be there, doing the thing we love. Any of you who are in doubt about your offsprings parentage should stay away. Be interesting to see who's missing.
    Quote Originally Posted by callie View Post
    I will be stalking on the 18th so no chance of getting to Monmouth. Isn't the 19th Fathers Day?

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