Just want to introduce me self, I am relatively new to stalking only been out 3 times and dont own a deer rifle (as yet), just testing the market so to speak, I am into shooting owning a browning 525,berretta 391, cz 452 hmr, sako finfire .22, theoben rapid .22, I am currently looking to do a bit more deer shooting and find it very hard to get stalking at reasonable prices, Its feels like a real jungle when it comes to ringing up people on spec, Plenty of stalking opportunitys but unfortunatly not in my budget anymore as i have recently been made redundant.
I have a friend in the b/ham area who i have been out with and we both used the estate rifle, if i could find somewhere to shoot which was a reasonable price and plenty of deer i would save up and buy a rifle and do the dsc courses. Any help much appreciated look forward to any replies. Andy