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Thread: best bullet for plains game

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    best bullet for plains game

    hello im planning a trip to africa for plains game next may will be going for kudu gemsbok and impala what the best bullet choice i will be shooting my 7mm-08 i currently use a nosler partition 140 grain im betting this will be a good choice
    just looking for some experience on what people have found good and not so

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    Nosler partition great bullet.I used them on my trip last year. Not familiar with 7mm-08 but can you go a bit heavier,perhaps 165 grn?
    Who are you going with and what are you hunting?
    A very jealuss Tusker

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    You could try the 175gr Partition, but not quite as flat shooting as the 140gr. Depends what species and ranges your going to be shooting?


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    The partition is a good choice. I would personally choose the 160g Partition or Swift A-Frame, especially as you are hunting for gemsbok and kudu.

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    I'd say a 7-08 is a tad undergunned? I would want a least a 30.06 or a 7mm Mag or 300 Win Mag.
    I prefer a bullet around 180 grain (or more) as well.
    When I went I was well over gunned with a 416 Rem Mag - very accurate and very effective. I took a Gemsbok at 320 yards with it (heart shot). The 350 gr Speer SP bullets didn't exit from Kudu, Gemsbok nor Zebra.
    An American 'hunter' there at the same time took 15 rounds to kill a Gemsbok, mainly due to the fact he hadn't a clue and couldn't shoot a worth a damn. He had a .338 Win Mag SAKO rifle and Leupold scope, so no excuses there!

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    15 shots thats pretty poor shooting a classic example of to much gun for the shooter
    i wish i could just take my 338 lap mag i use in the army but im afraid its a 7-08
    looking at hogdens wesite i wouldnt be gaining much with a 7mm rem mag only 250 fps and i dont think at hunting ranges it will matter however the 300 win mag and 416 rem mag are a different story
    i will try playing with RL17 i beleive i can get a 162 grain up to 2750fps

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    Hi have shot in Africa several times and have taken just about all the plains game species with 150 grain 308 nosler partition. On the hunt last year took 18 animals and 12 species in 9 days all 1 shot kills. The 7mm-08 with 140 grain nosler partition will be fine, good bullet placement is far better than a bigger bullet.

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    gr1ffter, what has your P.H. or agent advised,after all you are paying him and he should have the knowledge to advise you.When we booked our trip we were advised on caliber and bullets.IMHO you are paying lots of hard erned cash and i would rather get there with too much gun than not enough so that you can shoot with confidence no matter what the sicumstances. Personaly i would not step one foot in Africa with anything less than 30. cal.All the beasties out there are f$c&ing tough so for me it was 30-06 with 180 grn partitions.

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    i will speak to the agent was just interested as theres alot of experience on this site all this is good info many thanks all

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    Have a look at using Hodgons Varget, supurb powder for 7mm08. I'll PM you the loads I use for 140's and 175's.


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