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Thread: Boar hunting in france or poland info needed

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    Boar hunting in france or poland info needed

    Hi has anyone done boar shooting in poland or france and if so who with and how much did it cost. Many thanks for a reply

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    I think you are in the wrong section but whatever. If you want Poland do not go with "hunt pl" they come up second on the search.

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    HI am going to Hungary hunting boar with a friend in november have a spare place if you are interested. if so pm me thanks trevor

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    Be carefull in France! I don't wanne generalise, but they are not so safe...
    I've been in Poland a couple of times for driven Wild boar + roe (only doe) + reds (stags and hinds).
    6 drives a day. 3 days. Average bag is 50-80 over 3 days.
    Costs about 1750euro full board. mostly there is a max for the number and weight of the stags (e.g. 5 stays, max 5kg trophy). If you shoot bigger/more you have to pay extra.

    if you want some addresses just give a shout.


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    I agree we shouldn’t generalise but I was always told that shooters in France aren’t very safety conscious but have to say that the shoots that I attended earlier this year in France were very well organised with regard to safety, and only once did I see anyone with an unbroken or uncased gun and he was immediately rebuked by several of the other guns. That’s not to say that they don’t do things differently to us and I can’t imagine that it would be acceptable in this country to drive game across a fairly busy country road so that it can be shot by shooters lining the opposite side of the road, warning notices were placed on the road at intervals.
    I wish I could say the same for Bisley this last weekend. While walking up the road I had one rifle pointed at me by a dealer unloading his van. I then went around to the clay layout and another shooter muzzle swiped me when coming off the skeet layout with a closed gun. Another shooter on the trap layout was just unbelievable, instead of keeping his barrels pointing at the ground and raising the stock to close the gun he would hold the wrist of the gun and swing the action closed one handed. Incidentally he was on the layout on his own and probably didn’t realise that there was someone behind him watching him.

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