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Thread: 243 loads

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    243 loads


    Being new to 243 reloading I wondered what you chaps used. I have used 70 and 95 nosler bts with good effect. I am looking for something inbetween and am open to suggestions.

    Atb Steve

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    Why not try an 85gr HPBT of an 87gr HPBT , SP or V-max. I am currently using both sierra 85gr hpbt and hornady 87gr sp , both are shooting to same POA and both are great on roe. The sierra 85gr is show less meat damage but its marginal. both these loads are over 37gr of Vit N140 with CCI primes and sako brass.


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    I am useing 87gr hornady at the moment over 35.5gr of Vit N140 CCi primes and norma brass, nice sweet load through my 595.
    As said by provider great load for roe and foxes.
    I have just bought a couple of boxes of 80gr BT Noslers but have not worked up a load yet.

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    i also use 85 grain sierra hpbt on top of 44.5 grains of H414 and lapua brass whinchester magnum primer (this was most accurate) and col of 2.660
    its leaves the 20" barrel at 3170 fps
    be careful when using mag primers i wouldnt recomend but if you do work up slow and look for pressure signs
    they group at 0.295 best group in my custom rifle off a pod and are lethal on fallow
    the 243 was designed around a 80-90 grain bullet and with a 1-10 twist barrel its were it shines
    i would suggest trying varget and H414 as these work exeptional in the 243 to start with seat bullets 0.02 off lands till you find an accurate charge weight then play with seating depth to shrink groups further
    its all aboat tinkering till you find your rifles sweet spot dont be put off if you dont find it right away but try with various powder and bullets try and avoid vld type bullets to start as these can be fussy to load

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    80grain Berger Varmint
    37.5grains Varget
    Lapua Brass
    Rem 210m Primers
    Sub 1" groups @ 200yds.
    1630ft/lb at the muzzle.
    Seated touching the lands.

    Have used this load on 12 Muntjac this year with very good results, no runners and minimal meat damage.
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    For both Varmint and Roe (some might put them in the same category), there's nothing better than Hornady 87g BTHP for accuracy, cost, quality, expansion, penetration, and reloading ease (to to Boat Tail).....IMHO..

    I shoot touching groups of 1/4" MOA at 100yds off sandbags now, over 35.5g Varget and CCI BR LR primers.

    They take fox very nicely, and are killer for target shooting as well. For roe I've found them to be excellent, quite simply. As of today, I have not have one deer take more than one step before collapsing dead on the spot with a well placed H/L shot. Penetration leaves exit wound of approx 1.5" diameter.

    Hope this helps.

    Edit: I seat with COAL at 2.700"

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    steve hornady 87 bthp they stop fallow GOOOOOD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bordersman View Post

    Being new to 243 reloading I wondered what you chaps used. I have used 70 and 95 nosler bts with good effect. I am looking for something inbetween and am open to suggestions.

    Atb Steve
    Out of curiosity, if what you have used is working why change?
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    Im using 87grn V max as well for deer and fox. Finally worked up a decent load that shoots just a hair under 1/2" at 100. 38.5 grn of n140 (no signs of pressure yet) .045 off the lands. Havn't had it over the chrono but it seems to work on everything ive tried it on so far.

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    big fan 85gr sierra sp 38g h4895 rem primmers but been looking for some 87 vmax 13 weeks now still not come in ?

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