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Thread: First Roe Buck

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    First Roe Buck

    First of all i would like to thank Ian and Joe for the fantastic stalking Friday and Saturday,and i would like to thank Ron ( Teckel ) for inviting me to go with him.
    We got down there around 1500 hrs and i was intoduced to Ian and Joe, we got changed and Ian took us to his zero range ( just to check i was safe ). Ian supplied the rifle i have not had deer put onto my FAC, Ian gave me some good tips on how to hold and shoot the rifle off sticks both sitting and kneeling. After the rifles were confirmed to be spot on Ian lets us have a couple of shots with his 375 H&W , we then returned to lodge/house were Joe had laid on a very nice tea ( Beef Curry ).

    After tea Ian took me out for the first of the stalks, i had some great fews of the local country side. We spotted a few deer but all were rather far away ( first one i spotted was around 750 yds ), later we stoped near a field Ian was positive would have Roe there ( he was right). We parked up and Ian started to climb over the gate ( it was open ) has i pushed the gate i spotted a buck at the top of the field. Ian moved us to the edge/right as we came in and we started the stalk,the buck was grazing in the edge moving to the right so we very carfully moved up to get a better/clear shot. Ian asked me to use his roe sack as a support so i got into the prone postion.

    Well sods law the buck decided to take a rest and have a lie down in a small hollow, we the moved closer but again no clear shot, Ian decided to make the buck get up/ move. He told me to get ready has the buck would most probably shoot off to the left go about 100yds stop have a look for about 3/4 seconds and i would not have to much time to take the shot. I totaly f*ck up instead of anticipating WERE the deer would be i tryed to follow the buck through the scope ( lost it found it moved my possition heart racing ) it stopped i tryed to get a bead on it and i was all over the place. I decided not to take the shot has the cross hairs were moveing all over the bucks body , it would not have mattered any way if i had tryed to shoot ( di*k head here forgot to take the safety off ).Any way i did enjoy the stalk and the company.

    After a good nights sleep () we got up at 03:15 Ian took Ron to another piece of ground and i went out with Joe to a farm Ron had managed to shoot a deer on the same day i co*ked up. Joe set us up in a small cops of wood in a high seat, we stayed ther for about an hour with no luck of anything we had a chance at. We stalked the farm for a couple of hours with no luck, so Joe decided to head back to the car/farm. Has we got into sight of the farm Joe spotted a deer on the far field below the farm house, we stalked up on it but we were in the open so Joe took us across the field to the left and we came up behind a large dung heap. She asked if i would have a problem clibming it to get a shot on the buck (), of corse i said NO ( ) we tested it to make sure it was hard (her words not mine ) and we would not sink. She ranged it ( on top of the pile ) at 175 yds, to far for a novice like me so we stalked on. We climbed back down and made our way to the gate to the field, has Joe moved to open it a hen pheasant shot off to the right we both froze and looked at the buck. He looked toward us but then continued grazing, we crawled forward in knee high WET grass and managed to get into position. Joe asked me to get into a kneeling postion with the sticks and i tryed to calm my breathing, has i looked through the scope the buck lifted his head and i took the shot. WOW what i feeling ( dont mean to sound blood thersty ) i managed to keep my eye open and on the buck, i heard the round hit and the buck lift and fall backwards we waited a couple of minutes the went forward to were the buck was.

    I had managed to get my first Roe Buck ( 6 pointer ) what a feeling.

    I would like to Thank once again Ian and Joe for a fantastic time.


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    Congratulations, Steve! A great write-up which illustrates just how exciting this stalking lark can be. Sounds to me like you're well and truly hooked!
    /l\ Y gwir yn erbyn y byd /l\

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    Thumbs up

    Well done Steve - a great couple outings with plenty to see & think about.

    Shoots well & great company, we are both looking forward to seeing you again.

    You do know that Jo never really needed you to go up that dung heap? Still, you got
    your own back by bringing a butter knife along for the gralloch!!

    Did you guys make it down to the Sportsman on your trip back home?

    All the best from us both,

    Ian & Jo
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    A great time was had by both of us and i wish i had seen steve on the dung heap , as for the butter knife he got a sharpener for it at the sportsman's.

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    The smile says it all Dekit, well done and good luck for the future!!


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    Well done Steve! I had my first roe buck last week and I know exactly what you have been feeling! Just finised cleaning the antlers for mounting. I hope you will do the same so that you have a beutiful reminder of your first buck hanging on your wall.


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    Wow ! sounds like you really enjoyed that ........well done to all concerned and great pictures as well , looking forward to the day when I get my first Roe

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    Well done Steve & Ron & hats of to Ian & Jo again, loved the dung heap bit, nice one Jo

    Life should be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving skidding in sideways, Merlot in one hand, Cigar in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming WOO HOO what a ride!

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    Congratulations,shame it was too far off the dung heap could have come to a sticky end when you go through the crust.

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    Congrats on your first roe buck!

    Would have been funny if you sunk into the dung heap though

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