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Thread: .17 HMR Mod

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    .17 HMR Mod

    Hi all,

    I am about to buy a new .17HMR, I think I am going to buy a browning T bolt. My question is what moderator would you recomend, I have a SAK on my .22 is it worth spending more money on a 17HMR mod or should I just buy another SAK. They certainly have price on their side at 30!

    Thanks for your help.

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    Hi Jonno - I've got a SAK on my Anschutz 17HMR; don't think you can go wrong for the money!


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    I had a sak on my annie and was happy with it.
    then i came into possesion of a wildcat hmr mod with a .17 hole in it.
    without question alot quieter
    but is it worth the higher price tag.....???
    if you use the gun alot...................................YES

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    I started with a Sac, and then tried all the rest, ended up with an L.E.I 17 mod.
    It is by far the quietest, at 125 it should be, but it's your decision as to the worth of it.
    The Sac is a very hard act to follow for everything below (but including) .22 Hornet, especially at the price.


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    I have a PES overbarrel on mine. it is built for centrefire really but works a charm on all my rimfire rounds
    its very quiet compared to some. The larger volume takes much of the blast and leaves a crisp crack.
    not cheap though.

    one thing is it is stainless, one peice outer case, strippable to an extent and a very solid piece of kit.
    TIG welded internals by the company that make Red Bull racing's exhausts I am led to believe!

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    I have a L E I. On my Sako Quad and really pleased with it.

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