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Thread: Can anybody help a worthy request

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    Can anybody help a worthy request

    I have received an e-mail from a student requesting help with their intended career. Below is the text of his e-mail, if anybody feels they could help him out, let me know and I will sort out the contact details. Before anybody asks, no I do not know him.

    I was wondering if you could possibly help me please. I am currently studying deer management at Sparholt College in Hampshire and am in need of a work placement for three weeks from March 12th 2009. I have been studying gamekeeping and deer management for 2 years now and am returning to college for a 3rd year and would really like to go into deer management.
    I have contacted a couple of deer stalking sights but as yet have had no response and was wondering if you knew of any deer management estates that might be willing to help me. I need to secure my work placement by December of 2008.

    I would be grateful for any advise or help you can give me.

    Yours sincerely

    Nicholas Hicks ...


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    No, smarty! but it looks as if he used his mums e-mail address, which confused me, I'm old and it happens easily

    I have corrected his gender, but I can't do much about me and my condition


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    work placement

    Try the Forestry Commision, I've known of many students on placement who have returned to a job once their course is finished. Look on websites ect, for their various headquarters and phone around, good luck. deerwarden.

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