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Thread: Can anyone help

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    Can anyone help

    hi lads im looking for some plastic barrels for feeders can anyone pass on any info as to where they are as e-bay is a waste of time on these
    i ve been looking in the local mags and the yellow papers but to no avail
    many thanks bob

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    I have about 20 large blue prop corn plastic barrels for 8 pounds each, however the snag ......and this will be your problem given the size....I'm at the north of scotland !!!
    This is why I still have 20 large blue barrels !!

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    Theres a place called A2B drums in Salford that sells 30lt up to 205lt drums for a very reasonable price (I paid 4 each for 60lt ones last year). I believe they also do liver cheap too.

    just found them:
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    Quote Originally Posted by limulus View Post
    I believe they also do liver cheap too.
    Ahh! A comedy classic!...

    Sorry to hijack you thread mate!

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    normally somebody advertises in the back of the shooting times

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    moonfruit .com
    that should do it
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    Bob, I bought 14 of these ready made feeders for my shoot, only 11.50 each, screw top, legs, spiral & handles to boot, a real bargain. (I collected)

    We worked out we couldn't make them for that price, drum, treated wood for legs, coach bolts & spiral etc.

    Johns a top bloke, he sometimes has larger capacity ones as well.



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