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Thread: 410 Folding Shotgun & Eibar 12b SS Shotgun

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    410 Folding Shotgun & Eibar 12b SS Shotgun

    I am looking to create some space in my cabinet as applied for FAC. I have two shotguns I would like to swap for stalking gear or stalking maybe?

    1) Salter and Varge folding 410 shotgun, single barrel, quite early possibly a converted rook rifle. Would suit a child as the stock is quite short.

    2) Eibar 12g side by side shotgun, non ejector, 2 3/4" chambers. I have rubbed back the stock and stained with a gunstock kit. It needs alot more stock oil rubbing on. This would make a good second backup gun or field gun, plain and no engraving. It is a good machine made gun that has served me well.

    I am new to stalking and waiting for my FAC. I have alot of game shooting stuff and am looking for some stalking kit, or even maybe a stalk if you have ground. I am buying a .308 when my FAC comes through.

    These are not high value guns but a swap may suit somebody? I can feasibly travel an hour from Royston.

    The guns are located in Royston, Herts. I would prefer to do a face to face, but will take to the Barn Shop in Arrington (RFD) if you would prefer them to be send to your RFD. I dont know how much this costs and you would need to organise it yourself (and pay for).

    There are also 8 boxes of clay cartridges for the eibar (2 3/4") that I will throw in with the Eibar. They are a couple of years old and I cant vouch for them but they should be fine?

    I suppose if no-one wants to swap, I would sell them? You could PM offers.

    Many thanks

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    I've got one of those little .410 folders but mines been confirmed as a Midland!

    Anyway - its not in as good as cond. as your mate cracking little gun for the lads to start out on!



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    Thanks Tommo.

    Please note there is some pitting to the 410 barrel, which is suppose is commensurate with the age.

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    No-one seems to be interested in swaps so far I will take offers for the guns rather than swaps? These guns must go!!

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    These must go to make room. Would swap for a selection of 308 bullets from different manufacturers (to try in new rifle)? Failing that I will take low offers (try your luck). Face to face only. If not I will be handing in to FEO for destruction!!

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