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Thread: Does anyone know what the best way to call a wiley old fox in?

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    Does anyone know what the best way to call a wiley old fox in?

    Got a real wiley old fox on the shoot and was wondering if any one knows the best ways to call him in to range of a shotgun. Many thanks for a reply. Andy

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    Had some success with shotgun shooting with somebody walking up outside the light and other person squeak it in, (keeping its attention) both persons need wind to work for them and also better if its a predictable fox, coming in mostly same way. If you put the your beam on your lamp quite narrow. Dont know how this will work for a wiley old customer.

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    if its that jumpy then i wouldnt even try calling it in and i dont think you will have much luck with the lamp if you need to get it into shotgun ranges, in my opinion you need to be sitting up for it on dawn/dusk and let it make the mistake without it even knowing there is anything going on.

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    You could "bait" it to within range of a suitable "hide"
    I use a cheap tin of sardines in oil nailed to a fence post the smell will draw em in. Punch some holes in the can with the hammer and nail then nail the tin to the post.
    The oil will drip down the post and when he shows up to investigate/lick the oil drop him with a heavy load cartridge (i use 50gram BB 3" magnum 12G or .223).


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    Go to your local pet shop buy a squeaky toy you can put your foot on it and squeak it that way works a treat .

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    Thanks for the help n tips, probably try it this week and will keep you informed of any success cheers lads.

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    0204 223 223 or leave a message!
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    Put some time in and find the times he is moving out from home or going back and over a couple of days find a place you can lay up and wait for him, I wouldn;t bother with lamping or calling, sounds like he knows all about that, wait for him to slip up , get the place, timing and the wind etc right, he will make a mistake and bingo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trouble View Post
    snare it
    where's the fun in that?
    "It's halfway down the hill, directly below that tree next to a rock that looks like a bell-end"

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