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Thread: Big cats

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    Big cats

    Hi all,

    There's a few threads at the moment concerning FAC conditions so here is one for you to debate. If someone shot one of the alleged big cats that supposedly roam the country, how would they stand legally as, to my knowledge, no licensing department will grant this as a condition?

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    Would you really want the publicity? I think not, you would just dig a hole and bury it.

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    Get a contract with the Sun or News of the World to cover you for all legal costs relating to firearms matters or loss of your FAC before selling them the pictures and story.

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    'other wildlife' ??

    Just make sure it's dead and not wounded because that would be a poo storm

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    Quote Originally Posted by BIGPETE View Post
    A little bit off topic, but did you see this ?
    Force on alert as officers stalk toy tiger - One News Page [UK] UK
    Shame the helicopter was available to confirm that it was a stuffed toy. I would have laughed my man boobs off if they has authorised a 'Marksman' to shoot it! JC

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    I just wonder in real terms how much this little exercise has cost the taxpayer, I'll bet it hasn't come cheap.

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    i,d shoot one and take the credit for it. no law against it if it was coming for you.wink wink

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    I'd shoot it....... because it was limping

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    I'd definately drop it, as I really have an aversion to a limp myself.
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