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    What is the lightest, narrowest, shortest and quietest over barrel mod on the market for 243 calibre? Is there a special custom model out there? I do not want to extend the barrel too much, say max 3 inches.

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    Try ATEC Maxim as a start....
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    The A-Tec CMM 4's are very popular on this site as are the roedale's, but in terms of extending the barrel by only 3 inches, I think you may struggle!

    A-Tec CMM4 weighs 220grams and will extend 160mm ~6.3 inches with all 4 baffels and is 39.5mm wide
    A-Tec Maxim weight 450grams and will extend 155mm ~6.1 inches with all 6 baffels and is 44.4mm wide

    you can remove some of the baffels to reduce the length but then you reduce the effectiveness of the sound moderation!

    If it's for stalking a lighter moderator is better for balance of the rifle but will not be as effective as a bigger heavier mod, also the lighter mods are mostly aluminium so rapid continuous fire will erode the baffels more so that the heavier steel versions.
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    Speak to Simon Lawrence at Lawrence precision if cost is not an issue. Titanium moderators are miles ahead of the rest in terms of lightness, sleek design etc. The only down side is the cost. They do however carry an original owner lifetime guarantee (2 T8's = 1 Titanium).

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    a reflex t4 in 6mm will exstend by only 2.5 in most of the rest are all 3.5-4 in

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    Lawrence Precision - Home - Sound Moderators

    great video on the site
    dread to think how much!

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    Before you buy a Lawrence moderator I would do a Goole search, not everybody has been happy with the products or customer service. May be the new ones are better but they still weigh a lot more than a A-Tec CCM. As for cost they were at 600 for the old model.



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    Jackson Rifles now have an AU-SL5 in stock. This is worth a serious look at ~400g and 4 inches on the end of the barrel. Personally, I wouldn't consider an over the barrel moderator. Once bitten, twice shy. Rgds JCS

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    I am aware that some have machined and built their own titanium moderators for less than Simon charges for his.

    I recommend Simons' moderators because they are streets ahead of the commercially available products. I see too many products that are supplied which are adequate for purpose but are unlikely to last the distance.

    The price is not unreasonable considering the raw materials, the programming of the machine and the guarantee/backup that comes with the product. I agree they weigh more than an A-Tec but they are made of Titanium rather than a lightweight alloy which will not stand up to the heavy use that a Titanium one will - why do the special forces consider Titanium mods for many of their uses?

    If weight is the issue, A-tec without question. If attenuation is the issue, buy a T8. If, as the initial question posed, light, short and quiet (no mention of cost) is required then a titanium moderator must surely fit the bill. I am sure Simon would be only too pleased to assist any unsatisfied customers as I have found him far more helpful than any other suppliers of moderators

    As with everything in life, there is always somebody who will do the same for less....apparently! I suffer it every day and completely ignore it. As I posted earlier, I recently had a client at the range who had a T8 on a Sauer 202, because of the shocking state of the moderator, the rifle was virtually worthless because of the pitting on the barrel under the moderator. I forbode any further shooting on the range because of the likelihood of an accident when the mod finally failed due to its excessive corroding - this is not the first time I have seen this. The client will likely buy another mod at a cost of 200-300, a Titanium one may cost 600 with a lifetime guarantee. I fail to see the difference.

    As always, other peoples experiences may vary.



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