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Thread: bleeding

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    some stalkers say it is not necessary to cary out a thoraxic bleed on deer that have been shot in the heart any one agree.

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    Quote Originally Posted by supersport View Post
    some stalkers say it is not necessary to cary out a thoraxic bleed on deer that have been shot in the heart any one agree.
    It varies on how much has bled out the exit wound really. Sometimes there's hardly anything left to come out, and sometimes there's a huge gelatinous mess of clotting blood in the chest cavity just waiting to slosh down the rear and mess up your nice clean carcass. For the time it takes to do isn't it worth trying a bleed before opening up the chest/diaphragm?


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    I think it is better to bleed the deer as soon as possible. ( with regards to roe , which can then be put in a roesack. )

    Though bearing in mind, if the deer is to be extracted by dragging one wants to keep cuts to a minimum to reduce

    contamination. In which case you would be better to bleed through the diaphragm, when you open up the stomach.

    Rgds, Buck.
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    If you do as recomended after a shot and wait 10 or 15 mins before approaching the downed beast it is a complete waist of time.......

    This has been done before with several different opinions, this is only mine....

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    As Alex has quite rightly pointed out it saves you swimming about in chest cavity blood.

    when you go through the diaphragm to remove the heart and lungs if you have only completed a field green you larder will be in a right mess, it certainly does not do the meat any good leaving in swimming in blood.

    Look at the way they work in a abattoir blood out soonest. .

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    i would add that for those whom dont bleed the beast before the gralloch must wash the inside out once back at the larder/store.
    if you dont do this you will get almost instant contamination of the carcass by bacterial growth caused by the blood on the inside of the carcass.

    if on the hill i dont bleed the animal but as stated always was the inside out soonest.
    i only bleed when its a short carry, any dragging minimum size cuts...

    thats my view.. f

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    I think from the strike and reaction you have a good idea what can and cant be followed up immediately..

    Plus one for bleeding out immediately and if needed using your knife to ease any lumps out if they are present and pumping behind the diaphram makes for a much nicer carcass and cleaner time at the larder
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    text book answer give that man a L2 cert

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    This was covered a while ago and got quite 'emotional'! 78 posts in fact!

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    Sorry guys im confusing Bleeding with tipping the blood out of the Thorasic cavity......

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