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Thread: Any Discovery TD5 Experts out There?

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    Any Discovery TD5 Experts out There?

    Hi Guys,Just got home from work and ive noticed diesel leaking from the top of my diesel tank on my 2004 Discovery td5,Has anyone had any similar problems?Is this a common fault Etc?Any imformation would be gratefully recieved.
    Atb John.

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    Hello mate

    I would check the seal on top of the tank where the fule pump goes into the tank and where the filler pipes enter the tank I had the same thing on my defender and it turned out to be the smaller breather hose runing buck up to the filler spout 4 new hose and two clips later all fixed hope this helps

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    One of the 4 plastic pipes from the tank has rubbed through. Very common fault. there was a re-work out on then a few years ago. Not sure if you can still get the pipe on it's own or you have to by the 4. Lift the carpet up in the boot. Take the plastic strip off first which runs along he back. Take the screws out holding inspection cover on. Lower the front of the tank and you can get your hand in to get the pipe out. Think it's the one with the blue collet on where it goes into the sender unit. 20-30 mins should be done.


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    Funnily enough I have had my tank sender out tonight, to drain and clean the tank, (got some dirty fuel) the pipes can rub as well as the O rings as they push into the sender can split,
    as above its a quick job.
    you dont need to drop or even lower the tank in my experience.

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    My Td5 did this last week it was one of the fuel pipes that run over the top of the chassis. I fixed it by going to my local hydraulic pipe company and i bought two meters of 8mm plastic fuel pipe and two straight push fit joiners I cut out the split pipe and joined a lenth in it took five mins to do. If you need any more info PM me mate

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    Many Thanks to 223(Dave) & Crouch Valley(Dan)job sorted.Thats why this is such a brill forum.
    Atb John.

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