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Thread: First buck and 6 pointer of 2011

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    First buck and 6 pointer of 2011

    Shot this chap on Saturday, was out at 04:30, but didn't see/shoot him until 07:46AM. Put the picture of where I shot him from, he came up behind the trees feeding on buds, when he came between the top two trees I put a H/L broadside shot downrange which dropped him on the spot, not a move - perfect used my .243 with 87g HPBT's.

    I'm ageing him at 3 to 4 years old based on his condition and tooth wear, as well as the antlers. He was just over 30kg, with LOTS of of fat deposits.Attachment 6944Attachment 6945

    Very pleased

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    well done mate... bet you'll not be far of with your guess mate.


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    30kg is based on my best guestimate un-gralloched. Sorry, should've specified earlier. I am very good at guessing weight, usually carry a lot of 25kg feed bags around, and this chap was deffo a good 5kg heavier than one of those, but like I said, ungralloched. The venison fillets are VERY nice and big, will make quite the feast :-) just finished the head this morning, will let the hydrogen peroxide dry off and post a picture when I get home from work.

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    Finished head, yet to mount though.

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