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Thread: West Mercia - Slowwwwww

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    West Mercia - Slowwwwww

    My eldest sons' FAC application is in with West Mercia at the moment, sent beginning of Feb and they have it logged as the 3rd Feb on their system..

    As its his 17th birthday today and he has been pestering for a while I said I would give Malvern a call for a bit of an update. They confirmed that all paperwork with them and that referee papers also received many weeks ago.

    However due to the backlog of new applications they are only just onto January applicants - therefore they expect it will be 3 to 4 weeks to get to the top of the pile.

    Even that will only trigger the FEO visit so it will be a good few weeks beyond that for a ticket!!

    So I imagine 21+ weeks from application is what its looking like .

    I know for the guys in N.Ireland that would be good going but not so fantastic over here!

    I won't knock West Mercia as they could have given me a much rougher ride with my own first FAC last year but its certainly a sign of the times with cutbacks and lack of resource and I don't suppose will improve any time soon..

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    They've always been slow,it took 7 months for my renewal to come back 4 years ago ,& 4 weeks for a variation last year,so im dreading the renewal again next year & I live in malvern so I was popping in every week,good luck just keep on to them
    atb Andy

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    I seem to recall that my first grant from West Mercia took almost 10 months from start to finish - I'm inclined to think that hassling them is counterproductive. I know damned well that I'd slide the application of anyone that irritated me to the bottom of the heap...

    Tell Adam that the long wait means that he's just got more time to save up the cash for the thousands of expensive rounds he's going to burn through as soon as he finally gets his hands on his rifles


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    I waited about a year for mine, good old West Mercia. They quoted me that they had, "an unprecidented amount of renewals". You would think that they could work out how many renewals they would have coming through each month, wouldn't you? I do think the management of the department has not been of the highest calibre, pun intended. I do think the office staff might just be a bit thin on the ground.

    Mind you, it was during the time when they were implementing the new "FLIMSY" computer system, which caused a mass exodous of staff.

    I have always found the FEO's to be exceedingly helpful though, I cannot speak highly emough of them. When we organised a clay pigeon shoot at the rugby club nothing was too much trouble. Our local FEO is a stalker and falconer, he understands!

    Blindness to suffering is an inherent consequence of natural selection. Nature is neither kind nor cruel but fiercely indifferent.

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    the feo couldn't be more helpful, but beyond that what a shower of *****. particularly the assistant licensing manager clive who when i rang/rung? for clarification as to why they thought the bit of land i had was suitable for a .222 but not a .243 told me 'because thats what you've been told you can have'???? and then told me to stop bothering them and slammed the phone down!! very professional i must say... obviously this man must be suffering from small penis syndrome...
    anyhow good luck with the application.
    Regards, Jez.
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    Thanks for the replies guys. You have all had longer waits so it looks like my 13 weeks or so last year was quite fortunate for a first FAC. I know I had held a SGC for approx 30 years prior to that but I don't think that makes any difference at all..

    Adam your right, my Adam has plenty to save up for over the next few months without an FAC!! What with just getting a road motorbike, doing his CBT, learning to drive and maybe doing a bit of work towards A levels as well !!

    Then as we will have shared storage facilities, suddenly my rifles will become jointly his rifles overnight when he does get the magic bit of paper .... Perhaps I'll see if west Mercia can hold off a bit longer !!!

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