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Thread: help with my lab

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    help with my lab

    i was wondering if there are any dvds available on trainig dogs for stalking i have 2 well trained springers done quite well on the trial and test scene i also have a 4 year black lab which i would use for stalking he is used to sitting on a pond or foreshore how do i start

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    Areyoulooking to train him to track deer or just accompany you stalking and sort of trail the odd deer?

    Do you have your own stalking land? Have you stalked much before? If so take him out with you stalking, just don't put bullets in the gun because your training not stalking and its hard to do both. Pretend you are stalking and set up various situations to practice up until the point of shot, and if you can take a shot at a target/pile of mud etc. Make sure the dog doesn't run in. then when your confident try real stalking again make sure you realise your going to spook alot of deer as this is training and its better to nip bad habits in the bud than be distracted and create them. Try reading the Guy Wallace book

    If your looking for a tracking dog then gets some books, niels sondergaard and john jeaneney seem to be popular. I have all three and therefore recommend them

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    why does my reply keep disapeering have replied 3 times i will try again i always like to have my dogs with me when out shooting. but i dont get to stalk to often so dont want to spook to many deer . my lab buz is very steady to game i pickup and spend time in the beating line on the local estates but he has never seen a live deer so who knows i will look out for the book you mentioned cheers dickyboy
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    try to find a deer park? theres a couple in london which i frequent when showing a young dog.

    You will spook deer with a new stalking dog so just be prepared if you've set our heart on shooting something then you'll find it hard not to lose your temper with your dog. This will cause untold problems.......if you can't stalk then find a quiet bit of rights to roam or national trust land and do it there with out the gun. Just make sure your concentrating on the dog the most at the beginning. it will pay dividends in the end you will get far faster results if you do it properly than half hearted, like 5 good training sessions or 25 crap ones where your actually not looking at the dog. think of all the extra deer you'lll shoot once he's trained up.

    p.s. buzz is a ood name, I got one too

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    nice one i have been given the ok to enter a deer prk with buzz to introduve him to deer great idea cant wait to start

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