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Thread: Deer hunt in Australia

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    Deer hunt in Australia

    I took part in an Australian hunting forum members' hunt last week in the Wonnongatta Valley in Victoria. This area is the part of the Alpine National Park where Sambar deer stalking is permitted during most of winter. The area is long renowned for the number and quality of Sambar deer, and this year we weren't let down. Freezing nights and crisp sunny days were ideal for stalking the hills and river flats. Six deer were taken, none were exceptional stags but a few monsters were sighted and live to breed again. As opposed to last year, the deer were mainly down low, probably caused by recent snowfalls.
    There is no limit on age or bag limit for Sambar in Australia. Two of the 20 odd members who took part shot their first Sambar. Not only is this annual hunt a chance for new hunters to learn a lot, it is also a great camping experience. Ten days in the bush with a great bunch of blokes.
    The small deer are yearlings and younger, and one stag in velvet is about 3 years old.

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    Lovely stuff. It sounds like a great trip - easy to see why its an annual affair.


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    Sounds like a stunning place. Glad you had a successful trip !

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    It certainly is a great place. It takes about 3 hours to make the 100km from the nearest town. Here are a couple of pics of the typical hunting terrain.
    Attachment 6975Attachment 6976

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    It really does look great! Lucky you!


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    Is that a Marlin 45-70?

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    It certainly is dodgyrog. Geoff was a little overgunned for that snackpack but that was the rifle he chose for the day. He was anticipating 270kg mature stag as we all do at break of day. Most of the blokes use 30.06, .308 .300 win mag and larger but certainly nothing lighter than .30 cal
    .270 is the smallest calibre permitted on Sambar deer and many are taken with this cal. but the concensus now is that bigger is better.

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