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Thread: Using a public footpath.

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    Using a public footpath.

    I've spooked a nice buck, on my permission, twice now. I could approach more effectively, and downwind, if I made use of a public footpath through land on which I don't have permission.

    Would this be ok if the rifle was unloaded and in its slip?

    Obviously the shot would be taken from my ground and the buck would be on my ground.

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    I would say yes, a public footpath is just that, a right of passage from A to B, you would no more be breaking the law walking from your gunshop to your car down the street as long as it is in it's slip and not loaded, bolt preferably out and magazine empty, you wouldn't be able to ride a mountain bike with it over your back to your stalking as it's not a bridle way but walking is OK!

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    Agree with Crumpy - be as safe as you can be (bolt and magazine out) - and I'd have your proof of permission with you JIC of difficult conversations.....otherwise you're fine.
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    It may not be an option but, have you approached the neighbouring landowner/stalker? It may be that a mutually agreed access option could work well for both of you. Also, it would be a good opportunity to clarifiy the position on following up injured deer etc. Even if nothing comes of it, it would still be good to let then know that you are going to use the public footpath just to avoid any awkwardness. JC

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    Agree with JC above. I always make a point of going to meet all my neighbouring land owners to let them know who I am and what I'm up to. Worth clarifying where you stand if a beast should run onto theirs etc.
    I have also ended up with an awful lot more ground by doing this!
    I have one large wood which was difficult as I only had access to shoot on one side which had a road along it. Had a chat with the owner of the other 3 sides to be polite and discuss carcass retrieval etc. He asked to see my 1:25,000 map and explained to me the boundaries of his farm and asked if I would take that on as well - Bonus!!
    Have another small wood with 2 adjacent owners and did the same, hey presto - another two smaller farms and a much easier time managing the wood!
    I think the law states that you can carry a covered firearm in a public place with justification. i.e. going to the gunshop, crossing roads to access shooting ground etc. I'm sure your reason would fit this. If unsure, speak to your FEO.

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    Absolutely no need of a slip unless you are a youth with an air rifle...

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    Definitely in the bag, bolt and magazine removed, you would not want to aggravate matters by meeting a member of the

    public ( who was Anti- Hunting . )


    Section 42 of the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 provides for other Acts of
    Parliament to apply to open access land. This section relates to things done, or
    omitted to be done, in public places or other places to which the public have access.
    For the purposes of shooting these are:

    Carrying Firearms in public places - Section 19 of the Firearms Act 1968

    makes it an offence for someone to have with them a loaded shotgun, a

    loaded air weapon, or any other firearm (whether loaded or not) together
    with ammunition suitable for use in that firearm in a public place without
    lawful authority or reasonable excuse

    (the proof whereof lies on the person ).

    The Anti-social Behaviour Act 2003 also extends the Firearms Act to include

    unloaded air weapons and imitation firearms.

    Rgds, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    Many thanks everyone for your answers. I will look into who owns the land, with a view to having a chat, in the meantime I'll get out after that buck.

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