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Thread: A letter to your local newspaper.

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    A letter to your local newspaper.

    Hello everyone - - we are coming to the time of year when most of the young Deer are born. It's also the time when we should try to inform/warn the public. Please write a letter or email to your local paper - - use this copy of mine (which is purely for Roe Kids as that's all I have here) if you like and change it accordingly.


    Dear Sir

    The other morning I saw a newly born Roe Kid being suckled by it's mother. It was a stunningly beautiful scene and was the first Kid I've seen this year. No doubt it's Twin was hiding in the crop nearby. Although the Doe tries hard to protect and hide her little ones they are extremely liable to predation at this time.
    May I therefore remind your readers never to touch or pick up any Kids that you may think are abandoned by the mother, she invariably knows exactly where she has left them and returns at intervals to feed them. If you find one just move quietly away.
    Attack by dogs is also one of the most common and distressing events regarding these little ones.
    Could I implore the many Dog Walkers in our area to please keep their dogs under close control or preferably on a leash, at all times, but especially so for the next few weeks.

    Kindest regards

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    Good letter and a good idea. There are also posters available from the BDS. JC

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