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    Hi all, does anyone have any experience of hunting in this country.If so who with?
    I am looking at a company called Tswana Safaris in the Tuli block. Thier management hunts look good value.
    Thanks in advance, Tusker

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    Hi Tusker,

    I had a look at their site as I don`t know of them. They seem very cheap for Bots trophies and at the same time expensive for cull/management hunting??
    Have they sent you references from past clients yet?

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    I hunted Botswana some years back with Hunters and Guides, not heard of these people. All I will add is what Shavesgreen has already said. Botswana as a rule is expensive for hunting these days, come to think of it it always has been. So check them out first, references and also log onto the Hunting Report which will also give you some info about them if there have been good or bad reports.

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