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Thread: Outdoor Edge 'Swingblade' type knife

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    Outdoor Edge 'Swingblade' type knife

    Used once and as new.

    Orange handle Outdoor Edge swingblade type knife.

    This is the folding lock knife version where each blade can be used independantly and locked in place.

    Comes with sheath as per pictures.

    48 including postage.

    Buyer must be 18+

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    Still available at a very good price (including postage). Thanks for looking

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    great knife
    i've got one do'nt use my good old buck anymore .

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    Hi, I just followed that link, and they say they retail a very cheap money(44 quid ish)! They don't, it is a very old link! But what did pop up was Attleboro Accesary's are still trading!! Any way,I have spoken to them and told them about this site, and tried to get them to become a trade member...before any one jumps on me...I have nothing to do with the company, I just thought some might like to know.

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    The knife shown in the pics at the top of the page isn't a swingblade, it's a flip n blaze. The difference is the SwingBlade has a one piece blade, with a standard knife profile ground on one end and a gut opener ground on the other. The flip n blaze has the same two blades, but they can be opened separately, like a standard folding knife. The benefit of the flip n blaze is it can be totally closed whereas the swingblade has always got one or the other blade profile showing. The downside is a slight loss of strength through having both blades moving, rather than it being one long piece of steel.

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    Now sold thank-you

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