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Thread: Tika T3 Wanted

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    Tika T3 Wanted


    I am looking to buy a Tika T3 Lite Stainless in .308, so if you have one for sale at the right money then please send me a message, i only want a .308 so please no offers of anything else.

    Thanks for looking


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    SAKO 75 Laminated Stainless .308

    Can offer you a mint SAKO 75 .308 Hunter Laminated Stainless & LEUPOLD VX111 Silver Duplex 3.5-10X50 Scope, sensible offer welcome. Only used on ranges (Approx 350 rounds fired), great set up.

    Nige D

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    hi not stainless but a nearly new 308 with lass than 20rounds fired wood stock though

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