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Thread: Game bird taxidermist? Anyone recommend?

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    Game bird taxidermist? Anyone recommend?

    Hi, I have a black grouse which has been in the freezer for a while now and I've been meaning to get it stuffed. I'd like to have it done as if it was on display like at a lek.

    Does anyone on here know someone who would do a good job of this? There is nothing worse than a bird that has been done to a price and will never look quite right

    Numbers or weblinks so that I can look at some of their work would be really appreciated!


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    try phil legget lives in bolton, his wife does all the birds i have been in the workshop very good work from robin to egales

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    Cheers bud, will look into it!

    No one else have any suggestions? Or is it just antlered creatures only I should ask about?


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    Has anyone tried Carl Church? His stuff looks very good!

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    Got to go with Teckel. Gary Knight is very good.

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    Another massive vote for Carl Church. He is one of the best specialist bird taxidermists in the country. And by that, I mean specialist Bird taxidermist - not general taxidermist.
    Another brilliant bird taxidermist is Jack Fishwick, however he rarely works on anything as big as black grouse, he is more a small bird man.
    Carl Church's web site is here - judge for yourself.........

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teckel View Post

    Gary Knight is actually looking for a black grouse.He made a cracking job of of a capercaillie.


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    my old man runs tribute taxidermy not to sound bias but he does really good work


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