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Thread: Mounting a holo sight on a shotgun rib - the answer!

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    Mounting a holo sight on a shotgun rib - the answer!

    Hi Folks,

    For those considering mounting a low-profile sight onto a shotgun - I was quite excited to find these. Watch the whole vid & you will see some really sweet clamp mounts that are sized to suit any shotgun rib.

    They are quick release and completely non-damaging / no gunsmithing.

    Excellent product.

    They also do an adapter that allows a Docter holo sight or Aimpoint sight to be fitted to a Weaver / Piccatinny rail.



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    Thanks for that Ian. I've got an early (1960s) Blaser 12bore/.243 O/U combination gun winging it's way to me next month and the original Blaser 'scope mount looks a bit clunky. Hopefully, I'll be able to sort out something a bit more steamlined from these guys.

    BTW for those considering options. The ebay Doctor copy self-adjusting red dot sight that John and Paul have fitted goes straight onto a Weaver rail without needing an adapter.

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    That does look like a cool mount!

    Orion, whats the doctor copy you refer to?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rarms View Post
    That does look like a cool mount!

    Orion, whats the doctor copy you refer to?
    Sorry, mis-spelt. Should be Docter copy. It's the one John from YRS has on his rifle on this thread:

    On ebay at about 60 if I recall - do a search under 'red dot reflex sight' and look for the auto dimming one from a UK seller. I've put one on my Mossberg for slug shooting.

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    The reason I asked was I have one too

    But mine has Docter trade marks on. I will be using mine on my .22 LBR, suprised to hear they stand up to the recoil of a 12 bore slug though!

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    Well found Ian!

    I've got a Docter red dot sight surplus to requirements that would go on my Benelli a treat with one of those. Any idea of price or how to order?


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    Hi Guys,
    I contacted the MAK company two years ago as I was after a mount for a Merkel and they would not entertain me direct, they referred me to Roberts the Gunsmith of London.

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    Just finished the mount for mine so thought I would share a pic:
    Click image for larger version. 

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