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Thread: How much would you

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    How much would you

    As some are aware im looking for a .243 rifle.

    Ive just found a second hand tikka t3 lite stainless syn, with a 3 and 5 round mag, the rifle has fired around 400 rounds.

    What would you pay for it, and how many round is acceptable to be through it.


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    Going on the 60% mark as a rule of thumb, no more that 600, as to rounds down the barrel, what was it used for? Stalking? If that's the case, then the barrel should be good as it won't have been subjected (well, you would hope not) to persistant over heating.

    Some people especially those that reload, will have put 400 rounds through a rifle to find what it does and does not like. If you have the chance to shoot it at 100m then a group size would be a reasonable indication to the condition of it.

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    I sold a .243 T3 Hunter [black] with Optiloc mounts and a Jap 8X56 scope on this site recently for 635.
    It was a few years old but had not been used a great deal and was a half-incher.[even with the cheap Privi Partisan 100gr.ammo.

    York Guns quoted me 81 for stainless rings and 45 for SS bases today. [Optiloc.]
    That is a very low mileage rifle at 400 rounds but if it has no mounts that will affect the value.


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    Would have thought about 500 if it is fresh. 400 rounds is nothing, it should be good for another 2000 rounds if it is not abused.

    Maybe 550 if there is a set of Optilocks with it.

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    I paid 590 in february for my .243 hunter (inc optilok rings and bases) s/h
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    Good deals with ~ deako ~ sakowsm ~ dryan ~ 2734neil ~ mo ~ riggers ~ mmbeatle ~ seanct ~ an du ru fox

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    Not sure if this is any good to you a guys was on airgun bbs a couple of day ago selling a Remington 700 sps a couple of months old for 340, I dont have a spare slot otherwise I would have been intresred my self
    Regards Andrew

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    400 rounds is nothing for a 243 if its stalking then as above you will see over 2000 rounds thats alot of deer, foxes and fun try a little negotiation i would not pay more than 500 to be honest i think they retail at 700 ish give or take if he wont budge try at least get a sling and set of decent mounts
    the tikka is a solid rifle and a good work horse

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    New ones on Guntrader are going for about 795 screwcut. I'd have thought about 500-550 if it is fairly clean and a private sale. I doubt you'll be able to use the Moderator off your heavy barrelled .308 on it either!

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    Thanks guys.

    MS i think i could if i asked james for another bush and the correct thread spiggot, i think will work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goldypurple View Post
    Thanks guys.

    MS i think i could if i asked james for another bush and the correct thread spiggot, i think will work.
    I'm not convinced. Your heavy barrelled .308 with have something like a 18mm or 5/8th" thread which is probably thicker the end of the T3 Lite in .243! Changing both spiggots and bushes every time will be a nightmare also. I also seem to remember last time you took it apart you ended up with enough bits left over to make a go-cart!
    You should be able to pick up a used mod for about 100 quid. I know someone that has a few!

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