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    Well I only have until January of 2014 until I retire from the military, and the wife wants to experience this living overseas thing on a bigger scale than Australia. So we are thinking about applying for jobs in Molesworth in the UK, and a few places in Germany with the US Defense Department or with Civillian US Contractors on the bases.

    I understand after jumping through the correct hoops in the correct order, I might be able to own a rifle and hunt there in England. I know it has been talked about before on this forum, as well as and others.

    What would Molesworth be like to be a stalker, and do the occasional driven pheasant?

    It appears as though the UK has Barasinga, Pere David's Deer, Sika, Reindeer, CWD, Muntjac, Fallow, Roe, Red, and probably a few others.

    Is their stalking for the Pere David's, Barasinga and Reindeer?

    Would their be any stalking of reds or fallow in that area?

    I would be fairly happy with a 17 HMR in Anschutz form, a Sauer 202 with barrels in 243 and 30-06 or 9.3x62, and a maybe a spare Tikka T3 varmint in 6.5x55, and a couple of shotguns to make that work. Probably a Beretta 12 Gauge over under, and a reasonable 2nd hand Spanish sidelock for shoots that required it.

    Could I do 5 guns?

    We'll probably end up with a VW Diesel station wagon for the wife, and a Defender 110 wagon for me to drive to work and get dirty.

    Any help would be very much appreciated!


    Seth from Alaska, in Australia!

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    Do you mean Molesworth on the Bedfordhsire/Cambridgeshire borders?

    If so its in a good area for muntjac, water deer, roe and fallow. All can be found within an hour of there. Your not too far from Thetford Forest either, so plenty of good red's around there.

    The PD's, Baransiga and Reindeer would all be in a park. Woburn is within easy reach

    5 guns shouldnt be a problem, but you do have to prove the need for each one...

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    SWS has covered it but, if you are only coming to the UK for a couple of years, I would question whether or not you need to bring your own firearms?

    Realistically, you are unlikely to find your own stalking ground (unless you join a syndicate) and if you are going to be booking days with commercial stalkers or friends, most will have an estate (loan) rifle.

    I know that its nice to use your own weapons but don't underestimate the hassle it will be. If there is a hard way and an easy way, you can bet the UK authorities will choose the hard way and then some!

    It would probably be worth bring your own shotgun or getting a UK shotgun certificate and buying one here especially if you do a bit of clayshooting. Shotguns are treated differently to other firearms here and the hassle factor will (should!) be less.


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    And there was me thinking this was going to be a thread about stalking at St Custards, chiz, chiz!!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I'd second the above - if it's going to be a relatively short stay in the UK then think about making use of the estate rifle facility.
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    Quote Originally Posted by willie_gunn View Post
    And there was me thinking this was going to be a thread about stalking at St Custards!!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Molesworth.bmp 
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    I'd second the above - if it's going to be a relatively short stay in the UK then think about making use of the estate rifle facility.
    That was my first thought... chiz!

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    They used to have a great rod'n'gun club at Molesworth...many a Sunday spent there!!!!!

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    I'm going to paint a pretty black picture, you might not encounter any of these problems but it is worth being prepared:

    Some police forces requre a DSC1 qualification before they will give you a rifle over ground for deer, this isn't a legal requirement it is just that there is no way (in some areas) to get a rifle without it. It is a made up law buy some commie loonies who think there aren't enough laws already in this country. Lots of places teach and examine the qualification but none the less it is going to take a little while and cost a little as well.

    Many police forces take a looooooong time to process applications for a firearms certificate - here in Northern Ireland between one and two years is not uncommon though in England most are faster than that. However, if your stay is only going to be a short one this might be a factor. By the time you get the DSC1, do the paperwork, have a police home visit, and so on even with a "fast" police force you will be looking towards a year.

    Also, you need referees of good reputation/standing to sign your FAC application and you must have known them for several years (can't remember if it is 2 or 5 years) so you will need to have some folks here who will fit that bill for you. If you don't know anyone in your local area then you might have trouble with this one.

    Some police areas will not give you anything bigger than a 243 on first application and getting anything bigger than a 30 caliber for use in the UK is just not possible in some areas, so depending on the local police force the 30-06 and 9.3 might be non-starters. In any police force the 9.3 is likely to involve a bit of a struggle and you may only be given permission to hold it for use outside of the UK, though I know there are people in some areas who have managed 375H&H for deer. Again the police make the rules up as they go along and your experience could be positive or a disaster.

    You must show "good reason" for each firearm - in other words you must provide evidence from landowners that you have permission to shoot over their land at game for which the rifle would be suitable. This means you need a lot of contacts here to justify all those rifles as you will need to show game ranging from fox for the .17 to red deer for the larger centre fires. Again, maybe you already have these contacts but if not then you are going to struggle to show "good reason."

    You might also struggle to show good reason for a 243 and a 6.5X55 (again this depends on the police force) as they will want to know why they are so different that you need one of each, the implication being that they are very similar and so will do a similar job meaning that your "good reason" will only be sufficient to hold one of them. Having a spare, attack by medium sized zombies, you just would like one and so on do not count as "good reason." Effectively for "good reason" you have to show that you need the rifle for a purpose and that nothing else you own will be capable of this purpose.

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    I'm guessing here, but might you be eligible for DDM ?, or maybe accompanied on DDM?
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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270 View Post
    I'm guessing here, but might you be eligible for DDM ?, or maybe accompanied on DDM?
    I'm pretty sure that's only really an option if he's employed by the MoD. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong on that one.
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    Probably very similar to the BS I went through in Australia. Excepting in Australia I am a diplomat (which actually made it worse), and the system is probably very similar anal retentive.

    I went through 1000$ worth of memberships, classes, and paperwork to get to the point where I could legally touch a rifle. I have very understanding Australian friends who make the rest of the process possible. But thanks to a Diplomatic loophole I can't actually own one.

    I am fully aware that I will have a period up to a year where I am doing paperwork, attending classes, and justifying my wants and needs to an idiot of the state.

    Hopefully it is something that is possible in the UK, eventually.

    I don't plan on bringing my guns with me. It's just to hard to work the paperwork out for both Goverments. Not when there are perfectly fine rifles available in the UK.

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