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Thread: Berger bullets?

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    Berger bullets?

    Anyone else nuts over Bergers?

    I have a good load of 57 grains of ADI 2013SC with the 168 Grain in my Tikka T3 30-06.
    It is shooting .362 5 shot group at 100 yards.

    The 185, and 210 don't shoot as well yet, but I am working on it.

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    Given that it's not really an appropriate bullet for uk deer species at the ranges we deem best practice, they're not too popular on this forum. Some like them for paper punching though.

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    i use them for f-class ,their the best bullet out their ,i use the vld or hybrid design
    they do say for hunting on some of the thin jacket bullets orange box ,the thick jackets are for targets only yellow box

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    Quote Originally Posted by PKL View Post
    Given that it's not really an appropriate bullet for uk deer species at the ranges we deem best practice, they're not too popular on this forum. Some like them for paper punching though.
    Which Berger Bullets have you tried?

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    was looking at 7mm 168 vld for my 7mm08 they have a serious bc but not sure on performance on game and dont think i can get col to fit a aics or AE mags while keeping an accurate load i know they can be fussy to col
    anyone had any experiece i dont fancy wasting 50 to find out there naff

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alaska_Seth View Post
    Anyone else nuts over Bergers?
    Can I ask if you are using the hunting bullets on game or just for target shooting?

    I'm just interested as I've seen (on youtube etc. not personally) some impressive results from the hunting Bergers in terms of putting the animal down fast and I was wondering if the videos I've seen were "carefully selected" or if this performance is what is seen generally.

    Also every shot I've seen on youtube has been broadside on at considerable range and I wonder how they might work at relatively short range (Last season my shots were between 60 and 220 yards) and also in a situation where you might have to shoot through a shoulder or whatever.

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    in 7mm they do a hunting `140 grn and a 168 grn and a 180 grn ,they are as good a hunting bullet as any for thin skin game we get here

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    This has been covered ten thousand times, but even berger hunting bullets are by their own admission, only suitable for larger deer at extended ranges. The jacket is very thin, but so is the hollow point, and at 50-150 yards is likely to do one of two things: either explode like a ballistic tip and leave a runner, or pin-hole without expansion, leaving a runner.

    these bullets are designed to shed all their weight at long range, as they penetrate around 18" before they basically explode, leaving a massive wound tract, but often no exit wound (making tracking tough - so don't use by woodland either).

    I studied the stuff on the berger site, and they say that even their hunting bullets are for BIG deer and for shots in excess of 350yds. Any normal UK deer are not broad enough to allow such deep penetration before proper expansion begins, except for maybe large reds - AND, to get that expansion at 18" penetration depth, you need a LOOOONG shot to slow the bullet down sufficiently..that's just not UK hunting style.

    If you want to shoot big red stags at 400yds on the hill, go for it, but otherwise, throw them in the bin or use them on the range

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    i have used them and found them to be excelent for deer even at close range from roe to reds
    never had a problem with to much or not enough exspantion

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    I know a stalker who uses them & swears by them, he doesn't have a dog either.
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