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Thread: Joker Knives.

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    Joker Knives.

    Does anyone use one? I've just been given a fixed blade model in lieu of a debt, but I've never even heard of them before. Any good?

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    Do you mean Boker ? if so they are good they do a buget called Magnum which are also good.

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    This is a Spanish knife, with antler scales and Joker engraved on the stainless steel blade. Looks and feels like a nice quality knife, and has a good edge at the moment.
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    Give Tony Davis of Moonraker supplies a ring, there isn't anything he doesn't know about knives.
    I must admit, at first I thought of Boker when you posted about it, can't say I've ever heard of Joker knives.
    It would be interesting to see it if you are at the 'Meet' on the 1st June.

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    Never heard of them, but a quick google reveals some info Joker knives and pocket knives. Hunting knife.


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    I think that they were imported by JLS arms (Wednesbury) at one time. Spanish and of reasonable quality.

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    Good knife, I have a lock knife that permanently lives in my stalking jacket pocket for when I leave my Mora in the car, and I have needed it a time or two

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    I have one with the wide blade + gut hook nice knife had it five years no probs upto now !

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    Thanks for the feedback. I'm hoping to blood it tonight....if that's not tempting fate!

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